Schwalbe Bicycle Inner Tubes - the industry's quality standard

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Selecting your tube:



Choosing the right tube.


  • If you know what you need select the valve style and then the model number above.
  • If you are not sure, then use the guide on the Schwalbe site before making your selection.  We find it easiest if you first select the valve type tab and then click on size: after which select inch if your size looks like 26x1.75; and French if your size looks like 700x35C.



If I select AV (auto / car valve) for the valve type and then scroll down through the LONG list of tyre sizes under inch and select 26x1.75, I will be presented with two options and both will work fine.  I can see that the AV12 is lighter than the AV13 and both have the same stem length (if I have a deep rim this can be important).  Yet I also note looking over the info button that the AV13 seems to be a bigger tube and I like the idea as a commuter of a bit thicker rubber so I choose an AV13, where someone who prized weight would have chosen the AV12.  So select away our friend and let us know!



An Industry Standard for Good Reasons.

 For many of us we just want a tube: ANY TUBE.  But do you?  Cheaper tubes that have been autoclaved will loose pressure quickly or the seams won't hold as well.  The cheaper compounds don't stretch as well so you need to be more careful about getting the right tube.  Cheaper tubes don't test their product before sale.  Cheaper tubes don't have such an active recycling process.


When you buy your Schwalbe tube, know that it has been heat moulded with the highest quality butyl rubber to ensure even moulding and lighter rubber (remember it gets about 4 times heavier as it spins) and better air retention.  This also means that one tube stretches more so you don't have to be so accurate about buying the exact tube either!  Furthermore, each tube is inflated for 24 hours to inspect for air loss and each tube is also currently made of about 20% recycled rubber!


These are just some of the reasons people have come to love a Schwalbe tube.  Don't you?