Inokim Light 2 - Inner Tube - Front - 8.5x2.00-5.5 Bent Valve with 45° rotation

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Your Inokim Light 2 electric scooter has a slightly different tubes in the front and rear wheels: not in size, but the valve stem is rotated 45° so that it doesn’t catch on your front forks.






If you don’t have one, a valve stem extender can be very helpful when trying to inflate your wheel depending on your pump.


Please also note that this is a specialty tube not commonly available.  It would be wise to keep a spare of each as you never know when you will get a puncture.


Please also note that pricing being largely based on how many are produced, the tube pricing while seeming high reflects the specialty nature of the product.




Manufacturer: CST


Supplied by: SmartMotion Bikes Australia


Product code: IL2tubeF


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