Gazelle Orange CX Clearance Size 49 (Bosch Motor)

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Year after year, Gazelle’s ‘Orange’ series is been awarded Australia’s best e-Bike and it’s not hard to see why. The CX takes this model to its most luxurious. In addition to the market-leading intuitive and powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor you have the NuVinci Harmony constantly variable transmission. This results in a bike with fully automatic gearing, without any descernible gear changes. Push on the pedals and it accelerates - ease off and it slows down - all without you changing your pedal speed. It needs to be test-ridden to be believed.

Powerful automaticly-geared luxury vehicle
Market-leading Bosch mid-mounted 250w motor
Colour – Two-tone grey
4 levels of assist
Front and seat suspension
Integrated front and rear lights and wheel lock