Byk e-350 - THE LEARN TO RIDE BIKE - with colour options!

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The bike every kid would love to learn on.

E-350 | Age: 4 - 6 years | Height: 95 - 117cms


NB: These are not electric bikes!


This bike redefines children's bikes for innovation and excellence.

From the smooth handling long wheelbase to the ultra-efficient tall wheels, safe braking with a footbrake and two calibrated alloy handbrakes, every single component has been carefully selected.  Just 8+kgs.

There is also the e-350X3i featuring an easy to use 3 speed internal gear box.

There is also the e-350X3i MTR also featuring an easy to use 3 speed internal gear box.

Plus with colour options you child can do it in style or on their favourite colour (it is amazing how much this does make a difference even though it shouldn't).  Please note that prices may differ with colour option and features.


If you want a better price, call us and ask for a 'box price'.


If our system won't let you order one, call us to place a special order!  CEB may also have to check to see if there may be supply issues from that also need to be checked before an order is confirmed.  REMEMBER: Call us! 


Ability Level: Able To Ride Or Ready To Learn.