ABUS 4960 Pro Tectic Frame Lock

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These ABUS 4960 Pro Tectic frame locks are beautiful and EFECTIVE anti-theft devices!  Made even better when used with the 100cm ABUS Adaptor Chain 6KS/100 (aka "plug-in").


Lock your bike in seconds and never forget the lock!  No more messing with chains for short stops!


A frame lock will statistically stop 100% of ride-away theft (which is over 90% of ALL bike theft).  Combine with a plug in chain and you have reduced your odds to the absolute determined, or as we like to say here: "The 1% theif which is what insurance is for."  If you want tracking options call us for cost effective options.


Your bike must have bolt mounts in the frame.  If you do not you can use cable ties, which even if a theif cuts, they still can't roll the bike.  Something is better than nothing.


Also know as 'C' locks and 'Ring' locks.


EAN barcode: 4003318112607

UPC barcode: 639266330349