SmartMotion Pedal Sensor - P14L (fits to LH side of spindle)

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This SmartMotion P14L (from bigstone-nj) pedal sensor was fitted to all 2017+ Pacer models (not GT) and came with a marine grade 6 pin BLACK male connector measuring 6.5mm at the shank.

If yours has a P16L, P18L, P20L, P22L or P24L variant printed on it, they are all variants of the original P12L; as the 'number' refers to the number of sensor reads per rotation and hence is essentially still compatible deciding only how far you have to rotate the pedal before you get a reading to drive the system.

NB: the 6 pin connector is vastly redundant to help end users to plug things in where they belong.  If you decide to cut the wires know that:

RED = 5v+
BLUE = Signal out
BLACK = Ground

Wiring diagram (including wire colours) may be found on the original manufacturer's website: